Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi Daddy!

This little girl has no fear.  
Here she is walking on a four foot concrete wall.  
When she noticed I was keeping a nervous eye on her--she tells me
"It's okay, momma, I not fall, I JUMP!"

This little girl is a lot like her mom.  

There is a story my family loves to tell of a Sunday when my dad was on the stage and my mom alone in the congregation wrestling her five little ones. 
I stand up on the bench and announce to the rest of the congregation,
 in my very loud with nothing to fear 2 year old voice, 
"okay, that's enough talk, now let's all go home!"

Fast forward 30 something years until today, when my husband is on the stand and I'm sitting alone with my four wiggly children.  
My own gregarious 2 year old stands on the bench and 
announces in her very loud enthusiastic voice--
"Hi! Daddy! I a listening to you daddy!"
accompanied by several very loud "hi daddy"'s and vigorous waving at 
random intervals throughout the meeting. 

She rarely calls me momma any more--it's "Tam" especially when talking to her daddy. 
 "Daddy, Tam put on my pretty dress."
 "No, daddy, I want Tam to do it!"

She loves to talk. And talk. And talk. And uses her hands to express it all.  Today in the car, anytime I tried to talk to her dad, she would emphatically state
"No Tam, I a talking to you!"
and then just keep jabbering on about everything . . . the trees, the tall buildings, and the flowers--
while using her hands to emphasize every point.

I tell my own dad this, and he just laughs. 
Reminds him a lot of another little girl who wouldn't stop talking.

I adore this little girl and think Heavenly Father knew exactly 
what he was doing when he decided to send her to our family. 

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