Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I cried . . .

Today I cried. 

I finally passed on Janessa's beautiful dresses, the tiny baby clothes and sweet little headbands.  I put away the changing table and crib, the sweet little baby blankets and tiny shoes.  I was doing okay until I came across three little cards written to us and our sweet newborn daughter.  My precious little newborn and her tiny little hands and feet.

She isn't so little any more. 

She is so much fun right now--with new words almost daily,  funny expressions and silliness to try and make us laugh and her funny little waddle-run.  I love the way she interacts with me . . . hiding behind my back and then popping out in front of me saying "boo!" followed with giggles and a big hug and kiss. I love how she will find "trash" and then not be content until she finds a garbage to put it in and loves to help clean up.  I love her little hand on my check as she says "sorry!" after playing too hard (or getting mad.)  and the way she absolutely loves dancing to anything that makes music.

But today for a moment, I missed the precious newness of my tiny little baby girl and wanted her to slow down.  She is so eager to grow--but I know too well how quickly it all passes.  It wasn't long ago that her 9-year old brother was a toddler too. 

I will continue to enjoy and cherish each sweet stage as she grows . . . but today my heart aches to slow down time and keep her little a little longer.


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